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Major Partnership Agreement Announcement

February 28, 2023 – Myrtle Beach Collegiate announced today their team partnership with Under Armour. This is a move in made conjunction and possible through their partnership with Ai Apparel. The continued growth and development of their current athletic apparel sponsorship with Ai Apparel Group has allowed for the addition of items needed for competition. These items will consist of but not be limited to cleats, athletic training shoes, and gloves. This is huge addition to the teams current partnership and will continue to grow the program and provided the best for the athletes. 

“Over the last year Mr. Williams and associates have worked diligently to develop a strategic process in which the athletes at Myrtle Collegiate have the best of the best in quality and performance gear. Here at Ai Apparel, we are again grateful for our partnership with Myrtle Beach Collegiate, and we still continue to work with Mr. Williams and the program to develop products to give them the distinct edge on and off the field,” said Ai Apparel CEO Kayla Ikard.

“We are always working to give our athletes the best experience in preparing them for the next step in their athletic career. Our current partnership with Ai Apparel has been beneficial in this area as Mrs. Ikard and associates continual work to provide next level apparel and accessories for our athletes,” said Ryan Williams, Athletic Director/Head Coach of Myrtle Beach Collegiate.

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Marauders setup game changing partnership

June 28rd, 2022 – Myrtle Beach Collegiate announced today that it has established a multiyear athletics partnership with Ai Apparel, the first apparel deal in the programs history.  Through the partnership, Ai Apparel will serve as the official training and sideline apparel provider to the Myrtle Beach Collegiate athletic program, outfitting all student-athletes and coaches in premier products

“We are delighted to be deepening our partnership with Myrtle Beach Collegiate as we continue to execute our ‘Own the Game’ strategy,” said Ai Apparel COO Brandon Ikard. “This partnership allows them the ability to put their athletes in the best we have to offer.”  Ikard went on to state, “They will have direct input of all of their gear from material to design.”

“We are excited to build on our partnership with Ai Apparel as we continue our strategy to broaden our selection of apparel,” said Ryan Williams, Athletic Director/Head Coach of Myrtle Beach Collegiate  “This close partnership will enable us to bring even more unique, innovative and top of the line apparel for on field and off field training. Including jerseys, coaches apparel and training gear”.

To execute the new plan, Ai Apparel will provide Myrtle Beach Collegiate with a dedicated team to deliver an elevated consumer experience. This will involve partnership on product development.

Ai Apparel stated the new and enhanced partnership will be built around product innovation, elevated experiences, and deeper consumer connectivity. This enhanced relationship will establish Ai Apparel as the lead partner for Myrtle Beach Collegiate.

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Veteran Post Graduate Prep Head Coach takes over at Myrtle Beach Collegiate!

Garden City, SC – The program is excited to announce Ryan Williams as the next Athletics Director/Head Football Coach. Coach Williams joins MBC after 8 years leading one of the most well known trademarks in PG (prep) football. Coach also boast a 40-18 record in that span with no losing seasons in his career as a player or coach. Coach Williams is widely respected amongst college coaches as he is the longest tenured coach at the PG level. “The core values of this program will be accountability, resilience and effort” Williams said on a conference call last week. Last season Coach Williams went undefeated against a schedule that consisted of Fork Union, Birmingham Prep, Georgia Prep Knights and beat Myrtle Beach Prep twice. The most important stat for Coach Williams is the fact he’s placed 300+ young men in college at the NCAA level. “I’m excited to get to work and take over here at Myrtle Beach Collegiate! MBC reminds me of my previous job just needs some love and detailed attention then we could be well on our way to being one of the top PG prep schools in the country,” said Williams. Coach Williams expertise in the field of post graduate prep schools has lead to him being featured in many different publications and streams of media. Examples of those are NY Post, USA Football, Coach and Coordinator Podcast, Never Had It So Good sports radio and Charlotte Insiders. An example of schools coach has placed young men:

  • Syracuse University
  • East Carolina University
  • Mississippi State University
  • University of Louisville
  • Texas Tech University

Branding Release

Garden City, SC – Myrtle Beach Collegiate will be the primary name moving forward with Myrtle Beach Prep being a secondary alias. After looking at ways to distinguish our program the advisory board for Myrtle Beach Prep went back to the drawing board to create their own brand identity. This process was started to allow the organization to re-brand with a new name that shows the college prep style program that is offered. This process will last over the next 2 years with gear and the social media reflecting the change. The colors, logo, and mascot going forward will remain the same as they have become the face of the program. During this process the organization went through a variety of names that would distinguish our program from high schools. After a 3-1 vote Myrtle Beach Collegiate was agreed upon by the advisory board.

Marauders Fall in Season Opener

Myrtle Beach, SC – The Myrtle Beach Prep Marauders kicked off the 2020 season unfortunately falling to the Jireh Prep Warriors 24-0. After completing their preseason camp the Marauders went into the event looking to put it all together and show the new direction of the program.

As the game started the Marauders came out of the gates on offense ready to get the season started. Unfortunately, the Marauders struggled to gain solid footing during the first half as the Jireh Prep defense was able to get pressure on key plays and turn the offense away. The Marauders’ defense, however, was there to picked up the slack and held the Warriors to only a field goal as the first half came to an end. The struggles of the offense made things difficult for the defense as conditioning became the biggest issue as the game continued. The defense spent a large amount of time on the field as the second half continued and the Warriors were eventually able to break through with 3 TD leaving the final score at 24-0. When asked what he thought of the result, Head Coach Brandon Ikard stated, “I feel like we have a lot of growth left to do. There were some highlights today with our defense being very dominate at times. Now it’s just a matter of getting the offense rolling and putting it all together. We will go back to the drawing board as a staff this week and have our guys ready to go for our next game”.

The Marauders will not have to wait long to get back on the field as they will play at home again this weekend against AHOP Leadership Academy. Come out and support your Myrtle Beach Prep Marauders this Saturday, August 29th, at 4:25 PM as they take on AHOP Christian. To accommodate state regulations the gates will open at 3:00 PM and tickets are again limited with no walk-up tickets guaranteed.

For more information about tickets, sponsorship opportunities, donations, or just to learn more about our program contact us by phone at (843) 486-8460 or through out web-site:

Ticket Sales: TICKETS

Myrtle Beach Prep Academy provides a second chance

MYRTLE BEACH (WBTW) – While much of the sports world’s attention is on college football, many fans often forget about the in-between. The programs that close the gap between high school and college athletics. Myrtle Beach Prep Academy was founded in 2018, and serves as a second chance for post-graduates. “With the prep world it gets some of the kids who slipped through the cracks,” said Head Coach Brandon Ikard. The Marauders’ roster is made-up for 30 players, including eight Horry County products.

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Myrtle Beach, SC – Single-game tickets for the Myrtle Beach Prep Marauders’ upcoming season are now on sale as the schedule has been confirmed and all games are set to continue.

An initial allotment of 250 tickets for each game will be made available to the general public at a discounted rate for as long as they last or until July 31, 2020.

The Marauders have also implemented a “Season Pass” program for those looking to attend all games and supports the Marauders. The “Season Pass” campaign, being new, is rolling out in a simple form this year. There will be 100 of the “Season Pass” memberships available immediately. As an added bonus to the program when fans purchase the “Season Pass” they will also receive a Marauders tee-shirt to wear to the games and show their support.

Tickets can be purchased primarily online via Fans looking for additional information on single-game ticket sales or season ticket sales – or those who or would like to request tickets by phone – can call the Marauders’ office at 843-486-8460 (ext 1) during normal business hours.

“The schedule release this year has generates incredible excitement for not only our players but also many of our fans,” Marauders Head Coach Brandon Ikard stated. “We have high hopes that it sparks some of the highest demand we see all year for tickets. We are discounting the tickets so now is the time for fans to lock in their tickets to be part of those special moments this season.”

Myrtle Beach Prep’s 2020 regular season home schedule features the following games:

  • Jireh Prep Warriors
  • AHOP Christian Leadership Academy
  • Louisburg College Hurricanes
  • UNC Greensboro Spartans
  • Gordon’s Sports Academy Panthers

2021 Schedule

Georgia Knights – HOME August 21 @ 5:00PM

AHOP Christian Academy – HOME August 28 @ 2:30PM

Louisburg College (KICK-OFF CLASSIC) – Home September 4 @ 2:30PM

Fork Union Military Academy – AWAY September 19 @ 1:30PM

Methodist University – AWAY September 26 @ 2:00PM

Ferrum College – Away October 3 @ 2:00PM

Navy – AWAY October 8 @ 2:30PM

Louisburg College – HOME October 23 @ 2:30PM

Palmetto Prep – AWAY October 31 @ 2:00PM