Marauder Athletics

PG prep schools have become more than a program for struggling academic young men. That fact is proven by our HC in 2019 he had 12 young men go D-1 and only 1 was a NCAA non-qualifier! MBC prides itself on being as close to a collegiate environment as possible. These are the areas we feel will push your young man to his peak performance athletically.

• Weightlifting- MBC’s lifting program has been structured after D1 elite programs. The program consist of a lot of functional explosive movements to build muscle endurance.

• Elite collegiate level coaching- MBC has one of the strongest staffs in the country at the PG(prep) level! Coach Williams is the longest tenured HC in PG football he has coached 100’s of players that had no offers out of HS into scholarship players. Coach Bliss will be MBC OC and has coached at D1-D2-D3 levels in college. Coach Williams has hired from college ranks for the last 8 years some of their stops include Syracuse, Alabama, Penn, Pitt and Walsh to name a few. There have been 4 assistants to move on after the season to college jobs as well.

•Virtual Reality Simulation- MBC is on the cutting edge of training players mentally and physically. The program has set the standard by offering a virtual reality simulation both offensively and defensively to enforce film study. MBC student athletes are getting Division 1 instruction with technology to match.

• Film- Every young man will learn how to watch film at a collegiate level. The young men will learn what to look for and how to analyze their own performance like a college coach.

• Collegiate Football Schedule- This will definitely be the most challenging football season for any young man. These true freshman get a chance to step on a college field and play immediately which rarely happens anywhere. MBC schedules the top College JV, JUCO and PG(prep) programs in the country. Our HC has scheduled some dominant teams in the past so be prepared to play the best. An example of some of the top level competition in the country: •Navy Football •Mount Union •Lackawanna JC •Georgia Military JC •Louisburg JC •IMG Academy