Branding Release

Myrtle Beach, SC – After parting ways with SSA the advisory board for Myrtle Beach Prep went back to the drawing board to create their own brand identity. This process was started to allow the organization to re-branding with new colors, logo, and mascot going forward into their second season. During this process the organization went through a variety of colors schemes, mascot names, and logos. The variety has been carefully narrowed over the last few weeks until the board finally has made their selections for the team going forward.

The team will be referred with as the Myrtle Beach Prep Marauders. Their primary team colors will be “Beach Blue”, Navy, Yellow, and Grey. As for the new primary logo it will take the place of the logo which has been used over the past few weeks. Myrtle Beach Prep will, however, retain their other logos as a secondary and alternate logo. The secondary logo, which has been used most recently, consist of the State of South Carolina and the palmetto tree with script “The Beach” logo through it, and as for the alternate logo they will continue to use the script “The Beach” logo which has been used since their inception.

For more information about Myrtle Beach Prep Post Graduate Academy they can be reached via email at or by phone at (843) 486-8460.