What is a “Post-Graduate” Semester? A Post-Graduate is an academic semester of study generally pursued between an athletes graduation from high school and enrollment in a college or university. This semester is offered at many independent schools throughout the country and will normally care the residential experience as many athletes will be away from home for the first time. How do students benefit from a postgraduate year? The environment of a residential, college preparatory school provides the key to the success of a PG year. Small classes, faculty, and availability of teachers daily. Our program works to provide these aspects of a college campus, and our weekly schedule is designed to develop the athletes and prepare them for the next level of their college experience. Do I lose my college eligibility when attending? Easy answer is No. If you are attending Myrtle Beach Collegiate on a Post-Graduate Semester you will not burn up any eligibility. Your academic load is based around Core High School GPA improvement which will not start your eligibility clock.

All Program Payments Are Non-Refundable