Myrtle Beach Prep Future

Myrtle Beach, SC – There has been a change in direction for the Myrtle Beach Prep program. After a mutual agreement back in April to bring Southern Sports Academy in as a partner organization to their program their plans have changed. When bringing SSA aboard the main goals were for SSA to assist the process of building a multiple sports to the program.

In this mutual agreement Myrtle Beach Prep would be responsible for working to grow and maintain their new football program, whereas SSA would concentrate on the addition of basketball, both for men and women, as well as track and field. The plans were set in motion to work for completion of this process during the 2019-2020 season. After in depth examination of the true vision of the program Myrtle Beach Prep found it as a non-necessity for the addition of multiple sports to the program.

After the organization made this decision they had representation inform the founder of SSA. The two program did come to an agree to have a working relationship with regards to the future of each program. Myrtle Beach Prep will be responsible for continuing their athletic program as the only Post-Graduate Prep football program in Myrtle Beach and will continue to represent Horry County in a positive manner. Even though SSA and Myrtle Beach Prep are no longer working together MB Prep wishes nothing but the best for SSA in their future endeavors. Myrtle Beach Prep will be changing their logo and colors as a sign of respect and a clear distinction between themselves and Southern Sports Academy. SSA will continue to use their old color scheme of purple and black, as well as, retain the mascot and logo the Panther. The color scheme, jersey design, and much more will be relieved over the next few week for the Myrtle Beach Prep program as they look forward to the 2020 season, and as they continue to use their platform to assist young men in striving for their goals.

For more information you can call our office at (843) 486-8460 or email the program at