Dual Enrollment

We offer the student the opportunity to work towards attaining their qualification by taking their first full year of educational classes WHILE STILL being able to play the sport they love. Below are two variations regarding the qualifiers who may have the desire to attend.

Variations Regarding Qualifiers

Partial Qualifier is a student athlete who has missed out on 1 of the 2 requirements either the Core Class GPA, or SAT/ACT scores. This athlete will spend his 1st year in college passing the classes he needs to meet to become a full qualifier or proving with his 1st year GPA he is a proper candidate. This Athlete can accept a scholarship, practice right away but CANNOT compete for 1 full year and is only granted 3 years of eligibility. You have 4 years to play 3 seasons in your sport if you maintain your eligibility from year to year.

Non-Qualifier- is a student athlete who has not met the Core GPA or SAT/ACT scores needed. Athlete CANNOT receive athletic scholarship, practice or compete for 1 year. Athlete is also only granted 3 years of eligibility. They can gain back a year of eligibility as long as they complete at least 80% of their degree prior to the beginning of their fifth year of college.

Dual Enrollment

All Program Payments Are Non-Refundable